FPC Connectors

//FPC Connectors
Pitch (mm)
Height (mm)
Contact Type
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Image Specs Part No. Pitch (mm) Height (mm) Contact Contact Type Type Add to enquiry
FC01S Series0.50.904 to 10BottomBack Flip
FC02S (A) Series0.51.004 to 50Dual ContactBack Flip
FC02S (B) Series0.51.004 to 50Dual ContactBack Flip
FC03S Series0.51.004 to 40BottomFront Flip
FC04S Series0.51.004 to 30BottomFront Flip
FC05S Series0.52.004 to 61BottomWith Slider
FC06S Series0.52.004 to 61TopWith Slider
FC07S Series0.51.804 to 60BottomFront Flip
FC08S Series0.52.004 to 60BottomFront Flip
FC09S Series0.51.304 to 60BottomBack Flip
FC10S Series0.51.204 to 30TopWith Slider
FC11S Series0.52.004 to 60BottomWith Slider
FC12S Series0.51.504 to 60Dual ContactNon-ZIF
FC13S Series0.51.504 to 60Dual ContactNon-ZIP
FC14S Series0.52.004 to 60BottomFront Flip
FC15S Series0.52.004 to 60BottomFront Flip
FC16S Series0.82.004 to 34BottomFront Flip
FC17S Series12.004 to 24BottomWith Slider
FC18S Series12.004 to 24TopWith Slider
FC19S Series11.8032 to 34BottomFront Flip
FC20S Series12.004 to 30BottomFront Flip
FC21S Series12.0030 to 35BottomFront Flip
FC22S Series12.754 to 15TopWith Slider
FC23S Series11.504 to 30BottomFront Flip
FC24S Series11.504 to 30Dual ContactNon-ZIF
FC25S Series11.504 to 30Dual ContactNon-ZIF
FC26S Series11.504 to 30Dual ContactNon-ZIF
FC27S Series12.004 to 30BottomFront Flip
FC28S Series12.004 to 23BottomFront Flip
FC29S Series12.004 to 30BottomFront Flip
FC30S Series0.31.0013 to 71BottomFront Flip
FC31S Series0.31.2013 to 61TopBack Flip
FC33S Series0.31.009 to 71Dual ContactBack Flip
FC34S Series0.31.0013 to 70BottomFront Flip
FC35S Series0.30.907 to 51Dual ContactBack Flip