Superworld in a Digital World

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In Union there is Strength – Through this pandemic, our team at Superworld Electronics has taken up more roles and created more opportunities to stay connected and united.


It’s been over a year now since the pandemic has begun and Singapore is one of most efficient and organized country to tackle the spread of the virus. Right now, we are gradually opening the border to let the economy recover specially businesses and to help the growth of employment. Singapore is currently targeting the whole population to get 100% vaccinated before the end of 2021.



Our Company’s management and staff are now 100% vaccinated.


Work From Home Efficiency for Superworld Electronic’s Staff.


With the hard work and untiringly monitoring of the management on the situation, the staff easily adapted in living the new normal work life. Everyone is readily flexible and is willing to perform the job that we don’t normally do at home. Our goal is to be more competitive holistically and to support all our customers on what they need, with the assurance that we continuously deliver our products globally.


High-Efficiency of Superworld Engineers due to Office Work


The R&D Team in Superworld Electronics are one of our frontliners that support our New Product Introduction and New Design. Ensuring that our engineers work in the office, allows them to easily access equipments and testing facilities to aid projects. By doing so, we are doing our best such that the pandemic does not disrupt the submission of our samples and new products to the customers, creating ease of process despite the pandemic.


Team maintains connectivity with customers 24/7


In Superworld Electronics, we aim to conduct regular meetings with the customers, and ensure connectivity through various sources to ensure that we always got our customer’s back and they have all our support t any time! With the accessibility and efficiency of web meetings, we are able to discuss with our team to better aid any problems and create solutions to better the lives of our customers.